“Even with all the constraints of the pandemic I found the whole process easy and I felt well supported throughout. The artist kept me updated with progress and the results speak for themselves. I am delighted with the portrait and can’t wait to receive it.”

A Currie

“5 stars all around. The service was amazing and immediate, they have the most talented painters in their stables and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Truly a one-stop-shop for your portrait needs. Highly recommended.”

C Kendrick

“Delighted with the portrait of my wife and myself. The artist has captured us perfectly. The service from the whole team was excellent.”

A Davies

“I was very satisfied with the process and result. There were no problems with the communication, payment, or delivery of the final product. The service provided was personal and attentive. The representative made everything very easy assisting with all aspects from artist selection to front door delivery. It’s a beautiful portrait that everyone loved.”

J Sutch

  • We discuss your requirements over a phone or video call (approx 5-10 minutes)
  • You send us good quality photos as reference material – preferably natural light
  • Live sittings are optional
  • We give you an exact quote, and then take a deposit (balance due on completion)
  • Portraits usually take around 6 weeks to complete
  • Video / photos are sent regularly to ensure we exceed your expectations
  • You can have calls with the artist at any time during the process
  • You can feedback on any adjustments such skin / hair color
  • Super high res photos and video sent of final portrait for you to sign off
  • Final payment is made only when you are ecstatically happy
  • The portrait is shipped by courier to your home after the painting has dried
  • Tissues are provided for emotional reactions to the portrait (tears of joy are not unusual!)
  • You love the painting so much that you order another to hang elsewhere 🙂
  • The artist can even do an exact copy of the painting to hang in a 2nd home

Why Commission a Portrait

For centuries, portrait paintings have been a means of honoring those we love, admire, and cherish. Today, in a world of selfies and snapshots, commissioning an oil painting evokes a long-lasting, timeless quality, which cannot be matched by any other means.

By choosing to invest in an oil portrait, you will have peace of mind that it will look as spectacular as it does today in hundreds of years time and remain a legacy for generations to come.

No matter your level of experience within the art world, having a portrait painted is a wonderful way to commemorate an achievement, thank a loved one and immortalise a special moment to be enjoyed every day, and we are here to guide you through the entire journey.

Creating a timeless piece of art that captures the essence of an individual or family is no small feat. It requires not just technical skill, but a deep understanding of human emotion, the subtleties of expression, and the stories that each brush stroke can tell. This is where the expertise of a portrait artist becomes invaluable, and why choosing a portrait artist from The Portrait Agency can transform a simple desire for a portrait into a masterpiece that speaks volumes.

Unparalleled Expertise

The Portrait Agency prides itself on a carefully curated roster of artists, each selected for their unique style, impeccable skill, and the ability to capture more than just a likeness. Choosing a portrait artist from The Portrait Agency means accessing a talent pool that is unmatched, with artists who have honed their craft through years of dedicated practice and refinement. These artists understand that a portrait is not just a representation but a revelation, showcasing the inner beauty, strength, and spirit of the subject.

A Personalized Experience

The process of creating a portrait is deeply personal. The Portrait Agency recognizes this, ensuring that the journey from the initial consultation to the final reveal is collaborative and tailored to the client's vision. When you choose a portrait artist from The Portrait Agency, you're not just a passive observer; you're an integral part of the creative process. This personalized approach guarantees that the final piece is not only a reflection of the subject but also of the unique bond between the artist and the client.

Diverse Styles and Techniques

Art is subjective, and the perfect portrait can vary wildly from one person to the next. The Portrait Agency's diverse roster of artists ensures that no matter your stylistic preferences or conceptual vision, you can find a portrait artist whose approach resonates with you. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of traditional oil painting, the dynamic energy of charcoal, or the modern flair of digital art, The Portrait Agency has an artist who specializes in bringing your vision to life.

A Commitment to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of The Portrait Agency's philosophy. Each portrait artist in their network is not only talented but also committed to maintaining the highest standards of artistic excellence. This commitment extends to every aspect of their work, from the materials used to the meticulous attention to detail that characterizes each piece. When you choose an artist from The Portrait Agency, you're assured of a portrait that will stand the test of time, both in terms of its aesthetic beauty and its enduring quality.

An Investment in Art and Legacy

Commissioning a portrait is more than just acquiring a piece of art; it's investing in a legacy. The portraits created by artists from The Portrait Agency are meant to be cherished, passed down through generations as a testament to the subject's life and times. Choosing a portrait artist from this esteemed agency ensures that you're not just capturing a moment but creating a piece of history, a tangible connection to the past for future generations to appreciate.

The Assurance of Satisfaction

The Portrait Agency stands behind the work of its artists, offering a level of assurance that is rare in the art world. Their confidence in their artists' ability to meet and exceed expectations means that clients can embark on the portrait commissioning process with peace of mind, knowing that their satisfaction is paramount. This commitment to client satisfaction underscores the entire experience, ensuring that each portrait is not just received but truly cherished.


Choosing a portrait artist is a decision that carries immense significance, impacting not just the immediate beauty of the artwork but its lasting value and meaning. Opting for a portrait artist from The Portrait Agency offers a blend of expertise, personalized service, artistic diversity, and unwavering quality that sets the stage for a portrait that is as unique and meaningful as the subject it represents. In a world where individuality and legacy are treasured, The Portrait Agency stands out as the premier choice for those looking to capture life's moments in art.

Choosing an Artist

The world of portraiture is vast and can be overwhelming. Here at The Portrait Agency we have hand selected a talented group of international portrait artists based on their skill, consistency, and passion for creating something truly special.

We often find that our clients are immediately drawn to an artist and connect with their body of works, however, if you need any support or advice in choosing an artist we have a dedicated Commissions Consultant on hand to guide you through this and every other stage to ensure that you get exactly what you are hoping for, taking away any stress or concern.

We will start by getting to know you and asking a few basic questions, such as:

Who is the portrait of? Are you working to a particular size or budget? What style is going to best suit your home? When do you want your portrait completed by?

There is no obligation during these conversations as we are establishing the details and ensuring your chosen artist is the most suitable for the project, guarenteeing an outstanding result.

Based on your requirements the artist will provide you with a quote and agree a timescale.

In the quiet moments of remembrance, the legacy of a loved one whispers through the corridors of our hearts, reminding us of the beauty and depth of their lives. Commissioning memorial portraits is a profound way to honour and immortalize the essence of those who have passed, serving not only as a tribute but also as a tangible piece of their legacy that endures through generations. Among the myriad options available, The Portrait Agency emerges as a beacon for those seeking to encapsulate the spirit of their loved ones in art. With its unparalleled roster of artists and commitment to capturing the soulful essence of its subjects, The Portrait Agency offers a bespoke service that transforms grief into a celebration of life.

The Significance of Memorial Portraits

Memorial portraits carry with them an air of reverence and remembrance, bridging the gap between past and present. Unlike photographs, which capture a moment frozen in time, a portrait imbues the subject with a sense of life and presence, often evoking a deeper emotional response. These artworks serve not only as a focal point for reflection but also as heirlooms that convey the story and spirit of the departed to future generations. In this light, the choice of artist and agency becomes paramount, as it is their sensitivity, skill, and vision that will bring the memorial portrait to life.

Why Choose The Portrait Agency?

The Portrait Agency stands out for several reasons, each underpinning its reputation as the premier destination for commissioning memorial portraits.

A Curated Selection of Artists

At the heart of The Portrait Agency's offering is its curated selection of esteemed artists, each with their unique style and medium. This diversity ensures that clients can find an artist whose aesthetic vision aligns with their memories and desires for the portrait. From classical oil painters who capture rich, lifelike textures to modern artists who bring a contemporary edge to their work, the range available allows for a truly personalized tribute.

A Collaborative Journey

Commissioning a memorial portrait is a deeply personal endeavour, and The Portrait Agency understands the importance of collaboration and empathy in this process. Clients are guided through each step, from selecting the perfect artist to discussing the finer details of the portrait. This collaborative approach ensures that the final piece not only captures the likeness of the subject but also their essence, personality, and the intangible qualities that made them special.

Respect for Legacy and Memory

The artists at The Portrait Agency approach each commission with the utmost respect for the subject's legacy and the memories they hold for those commissioning the portrait. They possess a keen ability to listen and interpret the stories and characteristics that clients wish to see reflected, resulting in memorial portraits that are not just representations but embodiments of the subject’s spirit.

High Standards of Craftsmanship

Quality and durability are key considerations for memorial portraits, as they are meant to be cherished for years to come. The Portrait Agency's commitment to excellence ensures that each portrait is created using the highest quality materials and techniques. This attention to detail guarantees that the portrait will not only be a beautiful work of art but also a lasting tribute that withstands the test of time.

Sensitivity to the Grieving Process

The Portrait Agency is acutely aware of the emotional sensitivities involved in commissioning a memorial portrait. The process is handled with care, patience, and understanding, providing support to clients during what can be a difficult time. The agency's professionals are not just facilitators of art; they are compassionate individuals who recognize the healing potential of the portrait-making process.

A Lasting Tribute

The completion of a memorial portrait by The Portrait Agency marks the beginning of a new legacy, one where the memory of the loved one is forever captured in the strokes of the artist's brush. These portraits become cherished possessions, focal points for family stories, and embodiments of the love and respect held for the departed. They serve as a source of comfort and remembrance, helping to heal the void left by loss with the beauty of artistic legacy.


Choosing to commission a memorial portrait is a deeply meaningful decision, one that speaks to the desire to keep the memory of a loved one alive in a tangible form. The Portrait Agency, with its exceptional talent, collaborative ethos, and compassionate approach, offers a sanctuary for those seeking to immortalize their loved ones in art. Memorial portraits created through The Portrait Agency are not just artworks; they are beacons of memory, love, and legacy, celebrating the indelible mark left by the departed on the tapestry of life.

Leave It To Us

Once you have picked the perfect artist and you’re ready to go ahead, we take a 50% deposit and book in the time with the artist. We’ll regularly communicate with them on your behalf to ensure the brief is understood and you get exactly what you are hoping for. You can contact us with any questions that may come up- we are here for you throughout the entire process.

We will keep you updated throughout this exciting journey and share images and/or videos of the paintings progress.

Enjoy Your New Portrait

Once the artist has completed the painting we will send you a final image of their hard work. We’re confident you will love it and can’t wait to hear your thoughts! If however you do have any concerns or feel any amendments need to be made then just let us know.

At this stage we will take the remaining balance 50% and arrange shipping. This will differ based on your location and the cost will be added to your invoice.

Once the portrait arrives in it’s new home we would love to see a photo!

We know that this is an incredibly special piece and hope it will bring you many, many years of enjoyment.


Our artists can work from photographs to create your masterpiece portrait. We typically require a high resolution image which is well lit and sharp in detail. We may also request additional images as reference to ensure an accurate likeness is captured. However, we have been able to achieve incredible results with very old and low quality photographs too, so send us your enquiry today and we can discuss an array of options!


With over 30 years of experience in the Art Industry, we are confident that we can offer an unriveled level of service throughout the entire process of having your portrait created. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have and give you total assurance that the end result with surpass your expectations.